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Year 5 mathematics timeline


This section provides a compendium of new and previously published resources which gives ready access to guidance, activities and teaching materials you can use and refer to, as and when you need them.

Year 5 timeline overview

Read text alternative of the Year 5 timeline overview.

The timeline provides prompts and questions for key activities to maintain the momentum of learning as children move through upper Key Stage 2 and on into Key Stage 3. The purpose is to help you to help those children who, with additional and personalised support, are able to attain Level 4 and so be ready to progress their own learning and benefit from life's chances in the future.

Once you have decided which of the resources you want to access, you can click on the link and this will take you directly to the resource. Some of the resources are large and appear as zip files to conserve space on the site. It means that you will need to unzip them to gain access to the materials. We hope that you find this section helpful in providing you with quick and easy access to resources the Strategy has produced over time to ensure that more children meet age-related expectations and achieve their full potential.