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Year 1 Block C – Handling data and measures

The focuses of mathematics learning within this block are:

  • Sorting information on a diagram using one criterion
  • Representing information with practical resources, pictures, tables, block graphs or pictograms
  • Collecting, organising presenting and interpreting information to answer questions
  • Communicating findings
  • Choosing and using appropriate units of measurement and equipment
  • Measuring and comparing lengths, weights and capacities using uniform non-standard and standard measures
  • Using ICT
The objectives for the block are listed in the table – the right hand column indicates how the objectives might be addressed in the units
Objectives Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3
Answer a question by selecting and using suitable equipment, and sorting information, shapes or objects; display results using tables and pictures tick tick tick
Describe ways of solving puzzles and problems, explaining choices and decisions orally or using pictures tick tick tick
Answer a question by recording information in lists and tables; present outcomes using practical resources, pictures, block graphs or pictograms tick tick tick
Use diagrams to sort objects into groups according to a given criterion; suggest a different criterion for grouping the same objects tick tick tick
Estimate, measure, weigh and compare objects, choosing and using suitable uniform non-standard or standard units and measuring instruments (e.g. a lever balance, metre stick or measuring jug) tick tick tick