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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Help with linking to Directgov

Directgov welcomes and encourages other websites to link to it as the main UK central government website. You can use the linking code and images provided below to link to Directgov. By linking to Directgov you are deemed to have signed up to the terms and conditions.

Text links to Directgov

If you wish to use text to link to Directgov, you should describe Directgov in this way:

Directgov - public services all in one place

You can use the following source code for this link:

<a href="" title="Link to Directgov - public services all in one place">Directgov - public services all in one place</a>

  • title="Link to Directgov...": this text is read by speaking browsers and is visible to users when their mouse hovers over the link; it will also help search engines by associating words with Directgov

You can also link straight to any specific page on the Directgov website, rather than the homepage.

Using the linking graphics

As well as the text above, you can use one of the following graphics as a visual link to Directgov.

To download your chosen graphic, on a Windows PC, click the right mouse button and select 'Save Picture As...'. On a Mac, click the Control key and the mouse button, and select 'Download Image to Disk'.

Source code

The source code for the link should look something like this:

<a href=""><img width="[***]" height="[***]" src="[file_path/file_name.gif]" alt="Link to Directgov - public services all in one place"></a>

  • width="[***]" height="[***]": you will need to insert the size of the graphic in pixels; this will help the page load more quickly
  • src="[file_path/file_name.gif]": you will need to insert the file path and name of the graphics file
  • alt="Link to Directgov...": this text is read by speaking browsers and is visible to users who have turned their graphics off; it will also help search engines by associating words with Directgov

Please do not reduce the size of these graphics as it will make the text unreadable.

Association with Directgov

You should not seek to associate Directgov with your website or any non-Directgov content. Nor should you suggest any endorsement or approval by Directgov of you, your website or any non-Directgov product or content.

Framing and context of Directgov content

We do not permit our pages to be loaded into frames on your website. Our pages must load into a user's entire window. Nor should you insert any graphic into Directgov content, or play audio over Directgov content, or allow a pop-up to appear simultaneously with Directgov content.

Restrictions on websites which can link to Directgov

We do not permit a website to link to Directgov if it contains material that is:

  • libellous or defamatory
  • pornographic or obscene
  • in any way a breach of the laws of England and Wales
  • infringing any third party intellectual property rights

Removal of links

If we contact you to remove your links to Directgov, you must do so immediately.

Further information on linking

If you need any further information about linking to Directgov, please contact us through the link below.

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