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Menéame, Baidu, StumbleUpon, and Facebook See Big Sharing Increases

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

(Originally posted on the AddThis blog.)

With AddThis, we’re always keeping a keen eye on our data to see how people are sharing content online. It is fascinating to see different services rise and fall over time.

Over the last couple of days, we looked at sharing data from the last 3 months and saw a few services that saw significant increases:

The social web landscape is always quickly changing. Services come and go. With AddThis, you have the peace of mind from knowing that we’ve got ya covered. We’re committed to supporting all the best tools so that you’re always getting the most sharing possible.  We currently support almost 300 online services.

What are the new hot social networks, online tools, or communities that we should be supporting? Let me know. Drop us a comment or e-mail me. –

New AddThis Menu for Easy iPad, iPhone, and Android Web Sharing

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

(Originally posted on the AddThis blog.)

Today, we’re excited to announce a new version of the AddThis sharing menu for the Apple iPad, iPhone, and Google Android. Now, when you’re surfing the Web on one of these mobile devices and find an article you want to share, you’ll find a menu that’s much easier to use on a touch interface. This feature is automatically available to all of our publishers.

The success of these mobile devices is undeniable. For example, the day the Apple iPad became available most of us at the office were at home waiting for the UPS guy, or at the Apple store waiting in line. Apple has ignited a ton of interest around the touch interface, with which we’re committed to making sharing easy.

With AddThis, we’re committed to make it easy to share, regardless of what you’re using (desktop or mobile). In the near term, we’re going to continue to roll out new features, experiments, and products that help to tackle the problem of making mobile sharing easier.

If you have any thoughts or feedback about mobile sharing and AddThis, definitely drop us a line. –

Here’s AddThis for the iPad:

Here’s AddThis for the iPhone:

Audience Platform for Publishers

Friday, August 20th, 2010

(Originally posted on the AddThis blog, to our publishers.)

Friends, Happy Friday!

As you probably have seen from our announcements in early August here at Clearspring (parent of AddThis), we recently launched some really cool technology: the Audience Platform. This new platform enables web publishers (you guys) and advertisers to more effectively reach and identify audiences online.

With your support, AddThis now reaches over 1B unique users per month and is growing fast. In order to deliver analytics on how your content has been shared, we’ve created a highly scalable real-time data processing engine. This engine processes terabytes of data daily and can discover a broad range of insights about how people engage with and share content online.

At Clearspring, we have always been focused on creating technologies to connect publishers and advertisers to audiences on the social web. AddThis increases traffic to your site via sharing and enables you to learn more about what content drives that traffic. Now, with Audience Platform, you can learn more about users based on data aggregated from all activity from across the AddThis Platform. Specifically:

  • We can group people into buckets like movie-goers, social influencers, and others.
  • You’ll be able to know what bucket a given user falls into when they come to your site
  • These buckets could be applied to do creating a better user experience
  • Examples include delivering more relevant ads, or personalizing their content experience.

Though we are in the early stages, the team is pumped about the potential of this new technology. It will enable a whole new set of possibilities for you. In addition to helping you guys work better with your audiences, it enables advertisers deliver consumers more relevant ads. Don’t worry, no ads are being shown on AddThis publisher tools, or on publisher inventory without permission. We are working with Advertisers to power interest-based ads only on sites that have given us permission. This approach enables us to create advertising opportunities, while maintaining the performance and integrity of the AddThis experience for your users.

We’re starting to roll out the publisher side of the platform with a number of partners. For those of you that are interested in learning more, or in helping us shape this offering, please sign-up. We will continue to roll out the Audience Platform for Publishers more broadly in the coming months.

We hope you’re as excited to keep working with us as we are excited to keep building cool stuff. If you’re not ready to be included in the Audience Platform, no worries – we have a way to opt-out today. Cookie setting can be turned off. Drop us a note ( and we’ll send you the documentation. As a heads up, opting out means you will turn off menu personalization (needs cookies, sorry), limit your future analytics (cookies, again), and prevent access to the Audience Platform (fill in the blank).

Although making sure consumers get more relevant and less disruptive advertising is a good thing, this aim needs to be balanced with user privacy. Clearspring is committed to protecting user privacy. Here are some the things we are doing on that end:

  • AddThis uses standard HTML cookies only
  • We do not collect, store, or sell any personally identifiable information (PII)*
  • We enable users to opt-out of interest-based ads on Clearspring and AddThis sites
  • We plan to support IAB interest-based ad standards
  • We applied for NAI membership early this year and await approval
  • We continuously work with you to keep improving our approach

For more info about how we use data, check out our shiny new privacy policy. Special thanks to those of you in the community that helped us with this policy. We’d love your feedback about how we can give you the best way to pick and choose how to engage with our different products. We want to hear your thoughts, so we know we’re serving you the best we can. Please drop us an e-mail at –
This is an evolving space and things are moving fast. Thanks for continuing to work with us to create the best, easy-to-use, tools to connect you with your audience. As always, hit us up if you have ideas on how we can do better!

Thanks, Hooman

*Email addresses are transmitted, but not collected, only when required to share content to some destinations. Email addresses and their content are not collected, stored, or sold.

AddThis is Now as Big as Mario Lopez, On Twitter

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

(Cross-posted on the AddThis Blog.)

With AddThis, we recently passed a fun milestone. We now have over 110,000 followers for our AddThis Twitter account (@AddThis). We’re about as big on Twitter as Mario Lopez (@mariolopezextra), of Dancing with the Stars and Saved by the Bell fame. *smiles*

When we’re not heads down on new features for AddThis, we love geeking out about social media. Twitter has been a fantastic mechanism for getting the word out to our user base about what’s going on. We also depend on Twitter for helping to identify customer issues and making sure that they are quickly resolved.

Thanks to all of you who are following us.  If you’re not following us, I hope that you will. We’re working on some extra special updates for the feed. Stay tuned…

[Updated] Technical Problems This Morning

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

This morning, it appears as if there’s been a compromise of our CDN.  The team is on it.  We’re correcting the problem.  We’ll come back with a complete report as soon as we’re finished.

Update at 12:21 pm Eastern –  We noticed early this morning via Twitter that a large number of folks using Chrome were being warned of malware when visiting sites with Clearspring Launchpad widgets.  To summarize the event, our portion of the Content Delivery Network (CDN), the service we use to efficiently host all Clearspring widget internals, was compromised with files that redirected users to a certain malware domain (which we won’t link here).  We quickly fixed the issue and are now back to normal operation as far as the CDN is concerned.  Because of Google’s aggressive malware prevention policy, users may continue to see warnings until Google completes its re-review process.  We’re doing everything we can to help this move as quickly as possible, and according to Google’s documentation it should be within a day at maximum.

We have taken short-term steps to lock down the CDN completely while we determine the true technical root cause of the initial malicious files.

We take the integrity of our infrastructure extremely seriously, and will post a detailed followup as the investigation completes.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to you and your visitors, and you have our assurance that part of the investigation also includes reviewing our early-detection mechanism for this type of failure specifically.

Note that this issue had no effect on the AddThis sharing platform, only on widgets served via the earlier-generation Clearspring Launchpad platform.

Update #3 – Google removed the malware block on Saturday afternoon (Eastern time), which ended the display of warnings to Google Chrome users.

AddThis, our universal sharing platform

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009
AddThis Supports Widgets and Web Pages

Today, we are happy to announce that AddThis now supports widget, or embeddable-content, sharing in addition to Web page sharing. Clearspring created the first widget-sharing platform, Launchpad. We have taken the best features from Launchpad and are making them available via AddThis. The result is a faster-loading, easier-to-implement platform that can share and track both widgets and Web pages. And best of all, it’s free!

In fall 2008, Clearspring acquired AddThis, the number one bookmarking and sharing service for Web pages. Our vision was to establish a universal sharing platform for the Web – a single platform empowering online publishers and advertisers to enable their users to share any content (widgets, Web pages, etc.) with anyone, anywhere.

It is so exciting to be taking such a big leap toward that vision. AddThis is our universal sharing platform.

As AddThis now supports widget sharing, today we’re also announcing our plans to deprecate our original Clearspring Launchpad platform in April of 2010.  After that point, the original Launchpad widget-sharing platform will no longer be available and AddThis will be our one sharing platform.  Widgets will continue to run until the beginning of 2011.  All the while, we will continue to improve the ability of AddThis to share embeddable content with more destinations, analytics and other great features.

For long-time Launchpad users, we realize that there are some steps required to transition.  We’re here to help.  We’ve put together comprehensive documentation to help you move from Launchpad to AddThis.  We’ve also setup an area on our forum which will be specially staffed to make sure that you get your questions answered ASAP.

It’s been a tremendous year.  AddThis now reaches over 600MM users across the world, up from just 200MM last year.  We now support over 200 total sharing services and 50 languages, all with the help of our amazing community.

We thank you for your continued support.  We’re excited to see what the next year will bring.

Moving Towards One Sharing Platform

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Editors Note:  This was originally posted on the AddThis blog. If you have any questions, e-mail me –

In September 2008, Clearspring acquired AddThis, making us the leading distributed sharing platform.  Our vision for the combined entity was simple – provide the web with a simple platform to make it simple to share any content, to anyone, anytime.

The growth that we have experienced since then has been stunning.  When we joined forces, we reached around 200MM unique users.  With your help we have more than doubled that reach.  As of April 2009, comScore Extended Web reports that we now reach over half a billion people – nearly 50% of the entire global web.

As we have rushed to keep pace with our growth, we’ve laid the groundwork to enable the realization of our vision for a truly open content sharing platform.   We started by leveraging the knowledge, functionality, and infrastructure to improve AddThis.   We’ve revamped the Web site, rewrote the AddThis JavaScript client, created in depth documentation and support mechanisms, and applied our world-class analytics infrastructure to improve the AddThis reporting experience.   To date, these changes have been made to improve AddThis as a platform for sharing links.   Today, we are taking the first step towards making AddThis the one-stop-shop for developers wanting to enable sharing beyond links.

Before, AddThis specialized in enabling users to share links back to your website.   Now with our API, you can also enable your users to post embeddable content like videos, photos and more – taking your site experience with them.   We have leveraged our experience with widgets at Clearspring to provide a simple approach that we think will be truly powerful. We’ll be doing another update to this capability soon that will enable even more of the powerful widget-sharing functionality from Clearspring to be leveraged via AddThis.

No cake is complete without the icing.  So responding to popular demand, we added a set of blogging services as sharing destinations that you may remember from Clearspring – Blogger, TypePad, and Tumblr.  We also added our friends from Plaxo.

As you can see, this is a jam packed update.  We are taking our platform in what we think is a big and exciting direction.   So please keep up the great feedback.  Feel free to let us know what works for you, but also what doesn’t work.   Drop a comment on the blog post, start a thread in our forum, or e-mail me directly –

comScore Reports Second Consecutive Month of Sharp Gains in Unique Visitors for Clearspring

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

Note: Lately, we’ve been so heads down on making Clearspring and its products as good as they can be that I thought it’d be fastest just throw this press release up on the blog so that I could share this news with you guys. We can’t thank you all enough for using our products and helping us to get where we are. We wouldn’t be able to report this exciting news without all of you. – Justin


comScore Reports Second Consecutive Month of Sharp Gains in Unique Visitors for Clearspring

Category leadership gap continues to widen with growing popularity of social media

McLean, Va. – Dec. 3, 2008 – Clearspring Technologies, the leading widget and sharing network connecting publishers and advertisers to audiences on the social Web, experienced a greater than 30 percent increase in worldwide usage of its sharing service between September and October. This increase comes on the heels of a 59 percent increase from August to September after Clearspring acquired social bookmarking leader AddThis. The company attributes this most recent increase to a number of factors including organic growth and new partnerships.

According to comScore, Clearspring logged more than 332 million unique visitors worldwide in October, easily outdistancing its nearest competitor by over 150 million visitors. In addition, comScore revealed that the company further extended its lead in the U.S. market in October with over 120 million unique visitors, an increase of 19 percent from September.

“The comScore data points to a much larger trend in social media that is continuously gaining steam,” said Hooman Radfar, chief executive officer and co-founder of Clearspring. “The value of sharing various types of content across the Web combined with the excitement displayed by Internet users to do so is clearly demonstrated by the frictionless growth of widget media.”

As announced in September, Clearspring acquired AddThis, the No. 1 bookmarking and content sharing service on the Internet, helping the company to grow to a size comparable in reach to the fourth largest property on the Web. Clearspring has since delivered on promises to add to and improve the features of AddThis, recently announcing optimization of the sharing button and language support for 17 additional languages, among other improvements. The company anticipates that this will continue to fuel growth of its sharing services.

comScore is a leading source of data and metrics for both the digital world as well as mobile usage that is trusted by brands such as AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Best Buy and more. Statistics quoted in this release are found in comScore’s October 2008 Worldwide report.

About Clearspring

Clearspring is the leading provider of distribution, management and monetization services for widgets and other distributable Web content. Clearspring’s free sharing services enable publishers and developers to distribute and track viral digital content to the most popular destinations, including social networks, start pages, bookmarking sites, blogs, mobile devices and desktop platforms. The company delivers billions of impressions every month working with the world’s most prominent brands, media companies and Web 2.0 businesses. With the recent acquisition of AddThis, the No. 1 bookmarking and sharing button on the internet, Clearspring has dramatically increased in reach and visibility. The company also provides new monetization opportunities for publishers and developers using the Clearspring platform by allowing them to seamlessly integrate advertising-based services in their distributable Web content. To learn more, visit

Bill Rubacky, Clearspring Technologies, (703) 677-3999,

Travis Murdock, A&R Edelman, (650) 762-2807,

Vote for Clearspring & AddThis in the Mashable’s Open Web Awards

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Note: This was cross posted on the AddThis Blog.

Friends, I have some great news. With your help, we’ve been nominated for three categories of Mashable’s Open Web Awards. Clearspring has been nominated for best in Embeddable Widgets. AddThis has been nominated for best in Blog Plugins and and Social Bookmarking.

All I can say is THANK YOU!. Your nominations & votes mean so much to us. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you. It’s all of your time, thoughts, and feedback, which have helped to make our tools best-in-class. We’re absolutely a team in this process.

Well, we need your help again. We’re on to Round 1 of voting for the Open Web Awards. Mashable has created these handy dandy widgets to help with the voting process. (See them below) We’ve taken their widgets and wrapped them with our widget platform Launchpad so that you can place them and share them all over the Web.

Until midnight on November 30th, you can vote once for Clearspring and AddThis every 24 hours in the categories we’re in.

Thanks again for all your help with this. Here are the widgets:

Launchpad Update: Updated Console Design, Address Book Integration, and AddThis Update

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

This morning our engineers braved the early morning and frigid East coast temperatures so that they could release an update to Launchpad and AddThis.

Updated Console Design


At Clearspring, in addition to making your widget easy to distribute and track, we want them to be easy to manage. So… today we released a brand new look for our widget console.

Before, the navigation was down the side and we were getting feedback saying that our users wanted more screen real estate to configure our sexy new sharing menu and look at our analytics reports. Now the navigation is across the top, positioned as clickable tabs (see tabs outlined in yellow in the screen shot above).

Also… if you scroll down to the very bottom of the console, we’ve added a really rad small Easter egg. You can change the color theme for the console. You have your choice between blue, black, green, orange, and hot pink. (Thanks Foo!)

Address Book Integration with the Sharing Menu

addressbook1 addressbook2 addressbook3

Often when I’m sharing content, I want to share it to one person in particular instead of Facebook or Twitter as a whole. For a while now, we’ve had e-mail sharing but then you have to remember a person’s e-mail address. That’s a pain. Well with today’s release, we’ve launched integration with your Yahoo Mail or GMail address books. As you can see from the screen shots above, all you have to do is pick your e-mail provider, stick in your e-mail username and password, and it will suck down your contacts. You then decide with whom you want to share each specific widget. It’s super easy.

Something to note… if you have a lot of contacts in your address book, it may take a moment to suck them all down.

AddThis Update

We’ve also done a pretty substantial update to AddThis. Make sure you subscribe to the AddThis blog to stay updated.


We’d love to hear your feedback on these features. E-mail me –

By clicking OPT OUT you will not receive Clearspring targeted advertising. Learn more.