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Support for Writing

The Support for Writing continuing professional development (CPD) package is aimed specifically at schools that wish to improve rates of pupil progress in writing. It allows the tailoring of the materials to cover Years 2, 3 and 4 or to cover writing across the primary age range.

These materials focus on progression in Years 2, 3 and 4 with materials supporting progression in writing both within a year and across the primary age range.

They are designed to assist teachers in their planning. They are aligned with Assessing Pupils' Progress (APP).

The CPD resources include layered pupil writing targets linked to key strands in the Primary Framework.  These support teachers in identifying gaps in children's learning. The Support for Writing CPD resources also provide guidance on ‘next steps in learning'  for pupils and additional guidance on specific language features of a range of text types.

The CPD materials are organised into two sections:

  • CPD outline – contains CPD guidance and provider’s notes for local authorities and schools, which could be used as a full day's training or broken into shorter sessions for delivery over time.
  • Handouts and resources – contains related materials referred to in the CPD notes.

In addition to the CPD resources, the Support for Writing materials are also provided as dynamic pages that  allow teachers to focus in on one or more year groups/strands/ text types when they are planning:

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