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The Early Years Foundation Stage: Setting the Standards for Learning, Development and Care for children from birth to five - May 2008

Publication date:
May 2008
Early years foundation stage practitioner, Early years leader
Guidance, Training materials
Card, CD/DVD, Pack, Poster


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The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is a comprehensive framework which sets the standards for learning, development and care of children from birth to five. The EYFS builds on and and has now replaced the existing statutory Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage, the non-statutory Birth to Three Matters framework, and the regulatory frameworks in the National Standards for Under 8s Day Care and Childminding. All registered early years providers and are required to use the EYFS as of September 2008. This pack replaces 00012-2007PCK-EN.

Pack Contents

Statutory Framework

This document sets out all the legal requirements of the EYFS relating to Learning, Development and Welfare. It includes detailed information on providers’ obligations under the framework.

Practice Guidance

This document contains essential advice and guidance for all practitioners working with children from birth to five. It includes detailed information on the six areas of Learning and Development and supporting children from birth through various stages of maturity and development.

Principles into Practice cards 

These cards expand upon the areas listed on the poster.  They demonstrate how the EYFS can help children to reach their full potential and contain examples of best practice within each individual area.  There are 24 cards.

Wall poster

This poster sets out the four overarching Principles of the EYFS, together with the various areas which each Principle covers.  This poster can be used as a daily reminder of children’s needs and how to give each child a fulfilling and challenging experience within the EYFS.


The CD-ROM incorporates all of the above, as well as further examples of practice and links to other resources.

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