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Headteachers' and senior leaders' continuing professional development (CPD)

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This section contains continuing professional development (CPD) materials to support headteachers and senior leaders in the implementation of the Primary Framework for literacy and mathematics. It focuses on how the school improvement cycle can be contextualised to the school's priorities for improvement in literacy and mathematics. There is a booklet, Leading improvement using the Primary Framework: Guidance for headteachers and senior leaders, together with supporting documents that give further details on school-based CPD and other aspects of improvement through the Primary Framework.

These materials set out to demonstrate how the Primary Framework provides a flexible tool for school improvement. They identify the key features of school-based, classroom-located, collaborative CPD that research evidence shows works when it is well led and managed. It also offers support to head teachers and senior leadership teams in leading these forms of CPD, and in implementing and sustaining the increasingly important features of CPD the Framework can stimulate and support.