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Introduction to Assessing Pupils' Progress (APP)

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APP – the materials

The Assessment Guidelines are the criteria for each level and the key Assessing Pupils' Progress (APP) document. These sheets help you to assess pupils' work in relation to national standards and provide a simple recording format for the assessment criteria in each of the assessment focuses in the subject at each level.

APP is well backed up with extensive materials which can be used for reference as and when required.

  • The Primary APP handbook is designed to aid teachers in using the materials and implementing the approach.
  • The Primary standards files are collections of assessed evidence of pupils’ performance, exemplifying attainment at different levels, to give a feel for each level, and show how to aggregate performance in different aspects of a subject.

The standards files are intended as a reference resource as they represent exemplification of standards in pupils’ work which will help you to make judgements on the levels at which your pupils are working. The APP Handbook for secondary is available as a discrete document for each subject; for primary it is available as web pages and supporting download documents.

These resources are currently available to support APP in English (reading and writing) and mathematics at Key Stages 1, 2 and 3, and in science and ICT at Key Stage 3 only. Materials are being developed for science at Key Stage 2.

The APP materials and guidance can be found on this website, and in the QCDA website assessment area.