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Forestry Commission Wales acts as the Welsh Government's Department of Forestry.

Phytophthora ramorum outbreak in Wales

For information about the Phytophthora ramorum outbreak in Wales, please see the Forestry Commission Wales website (external link).

Forestry Commission Wales manages the 38% of Welsh woodlands owned by the Welsh Government. Our mission and corporate plan (external link) is to help deliver 'Glastir Woodland Creation grants'.

We generate income from the national forest estate through timber harvesting and other activities. We reinvest the income in projects to deliver the Welsh Government's social, environmental and economic goals.

Outside the Welsh Government-owned woodlands we encourage sustainable woodland management through

  • grant incentives, and;
  • regulation including licensing for felling and replanting.

We work with the Welsh Government to deliver their strategy for trees and woodlands 'Woodlands for Wales' (external link), alongside our many other public, private and voluntary partners. The Woodland Strategy Advisory Panel (external link) was formed in 2005 to advise the National Committee for Wales on developing forestry policy (external link) and the monitoring of the Woodlands for Wales strategy.

The Plant! A tree for every child in Wales project is a Welsh Government initiative. It is being delivered on their behalf by the Woodland Trust and the Forestry Commission.  For further information, please follow the link on the left of the screen.

For more information, see the Forestry Commission Wales web site (external link).