Year 1 mathematics planning

The planning structure for Year 1 is organised into five blocks:

  • Block A: Counting, partitioning and calculating (6 weeks)
  • Block B: Securing number facts, understanding shape (9 weeks)
  • Block C: Handling data and measures (6 weeks)
  • Block D: Calculating, measuring and understanding shape (6 weeks)
  • Block E: Securing number facts, relationships and calculating (9 weeks)

The structure is the same for each year group. A block is designed to cover the equivalent of six or nine weeks of teaching. Each block has incorporated into it objectives from the Using and applying mathematics strand and from two or three of the other core strands.

Each block is made up of three units. A unit represents two or three weeks of teaching. For each of the 15 units that cover the teaching year there are overviews of children's learning, assessment questions and suggested resources. These are intended to provide you with support when planning the children's learning and reviewing their progress.

The units are designed to be used independently when planning a period of two or three weeks' work. However, when mapping out the blocks and units over the term or year the inter-relatedness of the content and pitch of the units needs to be taken into account. There are various ways that the units can be pieced together to provide children with a coherent learning experience and the example provided can be adapted to suit your own circumstances and the children's needs.