Targeting level 4 in Year 7 mathematics

Targeting level 4 in Year 7 materials provide a yearly teaching programme, covering key aspects of number, algebra, geometry and measures and statistics. They will help your pupils who enter Year 7 at level 3 to attain level 4 as quickly as possible.

Units and lessons

There are 15 units of work, with each unit containing a collection of lessons and resource materials. There are also an additional 12 lessons that can be used to consolidate learning.

The units are grouped together, as below, and can be split across a term and teaching year to suit your pupils. The order of the units is designed to provide a progression in the key learning objectives and to build up pupils’ understanding systematically.

  • Number: 5 units
  • Algebra: 4 units
  • Geometry and measures: 4 units
  • Statistics: 2 units

Each unit contains about eight hours of teaching, with each lesson and its resource material supporting about 30 to 40 minutes of direct teaching.

The lessons all contain clear objectives and are split into three sections:

  • a planned starter, which provides the opportunity to recall previously learned facts and to practise skills
  • the main activity, which is usually supported by resource materials for projection to the class
  • the plenary, which provides an opportunity to consolidate what has been learned in the lesson (and can also provide homework).
  • Geometry and measures

    Four units of lesson ideas focusing on the level 4 key learning objectives in the 'Geometry and measures' strand. Each of the four units contains a set of lessons on key themes that can be used throughout the academic year. This is part of the Targeting level 4 in Year 7 materials, which provide a yearly teaching programme to help Year 7 mathematics pupils attain level 4 as quickly as possible.