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Circulars - 2005

Welsh Government

Circulars - 2005

These circulars are part of the National Assembly for Wales Circulars (NAFWC) 2005 series.

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NAFWC 30/2005 Social housing management grant progranmme 2006-2007

National Assembly For Wales Circular: NAFWC - Social Housing Management Grant Programme: Project Funding 2006 - 2007 Round

NAFWC 33/05 - Reporting Cases of Misconduct or Professional Incompetence in the Education Service

This circular offers guidance to employers and teacher supply agencies on when cases must be reported. It replaces the guidance issued in April 2003 (a letter sent to all employers entitled ‘Impact of the Education (Supply of Information)(Wales) Regulations 2003). It also expands and clarifies Part ...

NAFWC 04/2005 - Managing Unauthorised Camping

Unauthorised camping requires sensitive and proportionate handling by all concerned and can be a difficult issue to resolve. Until more authorised sites have been provided to meet an identified need, unauthorised camping will continue to take place. Even then, it may still occur as an expression of ...

NAFWC 05/2005 - Children first programme in Wales guidance for 2005 – 2006 Annex 3

The Children First Programme in Wales Objectives and Indicators 2005/06

NAFWC28/05 - Wales Programme for Improvement (Guidance for Local Authorities 2005)

Statutory background The Local Government Act 19991 requires local authorities to: secure continuous improvement in the way in which they exercise their functions, having regard to a combination of economy, ef?ciency and effectiveness; consult widely on how to do so, and report publicly on the outc ...

NAFWC 27/2005 PGCE (FE) Teacher training incentive grant in Wales 2005/06 guidance notes

These guidance notes provide information on the PGCE (FE) teacher training incentive in Wales and outline the funding available, grant eligibility and how payments will be made.

NAFWC 37/2005 Civil Partnership Act 2004: Amendments to the fostering services (Wales) Regulations 2003

Civil Partnership Act 2004: Amendments To The Fostering Services (Wales) Regulations 2003

NAFWC 36/2005 Charges for residential accommdation CRAG amendment National Assistance (Assessment of Resources) (Amendment no 2) (Wales) Regulations 2005

This circular: Announces a new disregard for two current one-off Age Related payments by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to people over 65 in residential accommodation and for future such payments. Local authorities are also reminded of the request to equally disregard such payments from ...

NAFWC 34/2005 - Quality Standards in Educational Services for Children and Young People with Sensory Impairment

This circular sets out guidance on the provision of educational services for children and young people with sensory impairment.

NAFWC 12/2005 Expenditure grant to increase the capacity to care for people at home and in the community (“Capacity Grant”) (Choice of accommodation) Directions 1993

This circular sets out guidance for local authorities on the use of monies paid under the capacity grant.

NAFWC 32/2005 Guidance on schools’ staffing structure

The Education (Review of Staffing Structure) (Wales) Regulations 2005 place a duty on the governing body of a maintained school with a delegated budget, and on a local education authority in respect of a school without a delegated budget or a pupil referral unit, to review the staffing arrangements ...

NAFWC 29/2005 Identification of individuals who present a risk to children

This circular draws your attention to the multi-agency review currently underway in relation to the use of Schedule 1 of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933.

NAFWC 18/2005 Better Schools Fund 2006-2007

This Circular provides guidance to local education authorities (LEAs) on the Better Schools Fund programme for 2006-07.

NAFWC 31/2005 Guidance on the Welsh Assembly Government community focused schools grant

This Circular provides guidance on the criteria for the use of the Welsh Assembly Government Community Focused Schools Grant in 2005/06 and subsequent years.

NAFWC 24/2005 Induction for Newly Qualified Teachers in Wales (revised August 2005)

This guidance summarises the arrangements for the completion of a period of Induction by newly qualified teachers if they wish to work in a maintained school or non-maintained special school in Wales.

NAFWC 23/2005 Guidance on support for asylum seeking families and unaccompanied asylum seeking children (USAC)

This local authority circular gives guidance to local authorities with social services responsibilities, on providing care and accommodation for asylum seeking families and unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC).

NAFWC 20/2005 Mandatory National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) in Wales

From September 1, 2005, the procedure for applying for headship posts in the maintained sector and non-maintained special schools will change. This guidance clarifies the new statutory requirements which will apply to all first-time substantive headteachers in Wales from September 1, 2005.

NAFWC 17/2005 Hospital discharge planning guidance

This Guidance replaces previous Guidance WHC(90)1: Discharge of Patients from Hospital, taking account of the new commissioning arrangements and statutory requirements for partnership working between the NHS and local authorities operating from April 2003.

NAFWC 11/2005 Global citizenship secondary school map - education for sustainable development and global citizenship

This guidance aims to help secondary schools to plan and develop a programme of Education for Global Citizenship, encompassing learning activities across the school curriculum.

NAFWC 05/2005 - Children first programme in Wales guidance for 2005 – 2006

This circular builds on previous National Assembly for Wales Circulars, taking forward the Children First programme in Wales for transforming Children’s Social Services. The circular is issued as statutory guidance under Section 7A of the Local Authority Social Services Act 1970. It should be read ...

NAFWC 05/2005 Children first programme in Wales guidance for 2005 – 2006 Annex 6

Health of Looked After Children

NAFWC 05/2005 Children first programme in Wales guidance for 2005 – 2006 Annex 5

Sustaining implementation of the arrangements for care leavers

NAFWC 05A4/2005 - Children first programme in Wales guidance for 2005 – 2006 Annex 4

Annex 4

NAFWC 10/2005 Social services performance management development fund special grant 2005 - 2006

This Circular draws the attention of local authorities to the Special Grant Report (Wales) 2005 agreed by the Assembly on 20 April 2005. Details of the application process and forms are included at Appendix A.

NAFWC 16/2005 Preparation of supplementary education strategic plans 2005-2006

This Circular provides local education authorities (LEAs) with guidance for preparing Supplementary Education Strategic Plans (SESP) for 2005-2006. These plans are required as a result of the decision to extend the life of current ESPs (originally 2002-05) by a year in anticipation of the likely mo ...

NAFWC 15/2005 Words Talk: Numbers Count

This is the Assembly Government’s second Basic Skills Strategy. It takes forward the agenda set in The Learning Country and has the same fundamental aims as the first Strategy.

NAFWC 13/2005 Charges for residential accommodation - CRAG amendment no 2. National assistance (sums for personal requirements) (amendment) (Wales) regs.2005.

Announces the revised Personal Expenses Allowance (PEA) of £19.10 that comes into force on 11 April 2005.

NAFWC 07/2005 Guidance on transport policy statements for Learners aged 16-19 2005/06

This guidance relates to the duty of LEAs and their partners to produce and publish statements of the provision of support for transport from home or place of employment to place of education or training for learners aged 16-19, and for those completing courses started prior to their 19th birthday. ...

NAFWC 08/2005 Guidance on the employment based teacher training scheme ro teaching (Graduate Teacher Programme and Registered Teacher Programme)

This document provides guidance on employment based routes into teaching that lead to the gaining of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

NAFWC 09/2005 Strategy for Older People in Wales - Funding 2005-06

This circular provides general guidance to local authorities about funding for the third year of implementation of the Strategy for Older People in Wales by local authorities and other statutory bodies. The Strategy provides a basis to develop future policies and plans, which reflect the needs of o ...

NAFWC 3/2005 - Accessing information from Inland Revenue to assist with enquiries about a child's safety and welfare.

When the Child Benefit Office was part of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), it had legal authority to share information in the public interest, including for the purposes of assisting with child protection enquiries.

NAFWC 02/05 - Social Care Workforce Development Programme for the Personal Social Services 2005-2006

This circular sets out the arrangements for the Social Care Workforce Development Programme for the personal social services. It announces indicative grant allocations, and invites local authorities to apply for the grant by 31st March 2005.

NAFWC 06/2005 Better Schools Fund 2005-2006

This Circular provides guidance to local education authorities (LEAs) on the Better Schools Fund programme for 2006-07. It describes the Activity and Priority Areas which are eligible for grant support within the programme, the management arrangements for the programme and the information which LEA ...

NAFWC 05/2005 -Children first programme in Wales guidance for 2005 – 2006 Annex 2

Annex 2

NAFWC 05/2005 - Children first programme in Wales guidance for 2005 – 2006 Annex 1

Children First Objectives 2005-06

NAFWC 22/2005 Assembly Learning Grant Scheme 2005/06

This document stipulates the conditions of use by Local Education Authorities (LEAs) of grant allocated by the Welsh Assembly Government for the Assembly Learning Grant (ALG) scheme and its administration, including the relationship between LEAs and both Further Education Institutions (FEIs) and Hi ...

NAFWC 21/2005 Integrated children's system: a statement of business requirements

This circular sets out the requirements for handling case information for working with children in need following the current phase of implementation of the Integrated Children’s System (ICS).