Guided and individual reading: The Picky Prince (fiction)

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The teacher completed a guided reading record used by the school, and prepared some questions related to several pages from The Picky Prince. The questioning was designed to cover a range of AFs.

Teacher: Read the title and using the whole cover tell me what you think the book is about.

Charlotte: It is a problem…might not know what he wants to eat.

Teacher: What does the picture on the front cover suggest?

Charlotte: He's not happy - he won't eat it.

Teacher: What do you think of the prince, do you think or expect to like him?

Charlotte: Yes because he is like me, I am a fussy eater.

Teacher: Why does it read 'The feast smelled delicious to everyone but the prince'? (page 3)

Charlotte: He might not know what he wants to eat. He doesn't like that.

Teacher: Let's read on and see what the prince wants to eat. (page 4)

Charlotte: The queen had cooked 'crunchy carrots and buttered beans', but he wants something round.

Teacher: What do you think he might want?

Charlotte: I don't know he might want an apple.

Teacher: The jester 'cart wheeled off to the kitchen'. Why did he do this?

Charlotte: It's quicker.

Teacher: Yes, can you think of any other reason? Why didn't he run?

Charlotte: Could be quicker.

Teacher: Can you read the text and use the picture to say how the prince is feeling now? (page 11)

Charlotte: He is green - I think he feels sick. He didn't like it.

Teacher: How do you know?

Charlotte: He made a face like a rotten apple.

Teacher: What do you think that is? Why did he do that?

Charlotte: Like his face in the picture.

Teacher: Oh dear! The prince still isn't happy. (page 15)

Charlotte: Yuk! I don't blame the prince and he wants it extra chewy.

Teacher: What do you think the prince really wants? (page 18)

Charlotte: He is going straight there.

Teacher: Now you have read the story, can you remember the main points?

Charlotte: There was delicious food he won't eat. They bring silly things. The prince makes his own pizza. They all eat it.

Teacher: Does this remind you of any other stories?

Charlotte: Yes when the princess doesn't want the food.

Teacher: Do you know what it is called?

Charlotte: It's in my book corner.

Teacher: You said earlier that you liked the prince because he is a fussy eater like you. What do you think now?

Charlotte: He thinks he's the smartest - he is - no-one could cook pizza - he did.

  1. Literal response to question. Used information from blurb to inform this (AF3 b1)
  2. Identified use of but (AF3)
  3. Initial comment on use of language - no real comment (AF5 b1)
  4. Retelling/paraphrasing of the food from the test. Pointed to words as retold (AF2 b2)
  5. Can explore at literal level but does not relate to feelings of jester - happy at thought of getting it right (AF2)
  6. Although child is able to select correct information unable to reflect - some misunderstanding (AF2 b2)
  7. Unable to explore just focus on literal meaning and quotes directly from text (AF3 b1, AF3 b2)

Assessment summary

The guided reading record indicates that Charlotte was able to make a sensible prediction (AF3 L2 b2) as well as reading with good expression (AF1 L3 b1).

In the responses to the teacher's questions about the title and front cover, Charlotte shows some understanding of the word 'picky' in relation to food (AF5 L3 b1), and relates this to personal experience.

Responses to AF2 questions show that Charlotte can select some relevant information (AF2 L3 b1) and give a simple, correctly ordered, retelling (AF2 L3 b2). Some evidence of AF3 L3 is shown in Charlotte's responses to page 11 but these are mainly at the literal level (AF3 L3 b1) with some support from picture clues.

Again, questions focused on AF7 produced responses that did not compare texts in any meaningful way.