Next steps

This case study looks at the next steps of a secondary mathematics team after introducing Assessing Pupils' Progress (APP), including their future plans for the APP process.

The department has established the climate for learning by embedding Assessment for Learning (AfL) practice within everyday teaching and this has helped lay the groundwork for carrying out successful APP in mathematics. The objectives are clearly defined and transparent to the pupils, there is a rich variety of assessment in place, assessment is clearly linked to objectives and pupils are involved in the whole process. However, at the time of the study (February 2010), the periodic aspects of APP have not yet been tackled.

The biggest priority identified by the team is to begin to carry out the periodic assessments central to APP and to explore standardisation and moderation. Ultimately, the team is keen to develop examples of learning journeys that have been assessed and moderated to help teachers get a feel of ‘levelness’ related to the work that their own pupils are carrying out.

The team is also exploring other imaginative ways of collecting assessment evidence, such as using video and even voice recorders to capture conversations.

We want to challenge the barriers – redefining our understanding of the word 'assessment'.

Mathematics teacher

It is also hoped that through this approach it will become the norm to complete Key Stage 3 in two years and ultimately extend the approach to Key Stage 4.