Improving teaching and learning at Key Stage 3

As subject leaders, consultants and English teachers, you can find out about the purpose and benefits of this implementation programme to raise pupil attainment in Shakespeare at Key Stage 3.


You can use this programme to structure support for departments that are not achieving expected pupil attainment in Shakespeare studies at  Key Stage 3.

Although these materials refer to tests that are no longer compulsory, you can adapt them to current schemes or units of work.


This programme can help you:

  • review current provision for study of Shakespeare
  • develop the department's vision for improvement
  • involve the department to:
    • secure expectations and success criteria
    • share and develop active engagement strategies
    • refresh plans for teaching Shakespeare.

It can also help you to:

  • complete joint observation, classroom support and co-teaching
  • carry out peer coaching and team teaching
  • complete an interim review and further planning
  • conduct a final review that leaves the department with a vision of continuing improvement.