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Management Information Systems (MIS) and pupil tracking: Developers' guidance

Publication date:
Oct 2008
Deputy headteacher, Headteacher
Guidance, Pupil tracking, Pupil tracking, School improvement, Target Setting, Using data for improvement


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Designing MIS to support pupil attainment tracking: developers' guidance

This document is intended to help MIS developers, and those designing MIS assessment modules, to ensure that their systems help schools to meet the demands being made upon them in this area.

The national focus on improving personalisation for pupils has been manifested in a range of policy initiatives and practical developments in schools. These demand effective systems for regularly assessing pupils' attainment and determining whether they are making expected progress throughout the term, the year and the key stage. Many schools have been prioritising improvements to their attainment tracking systems but evidence from the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit and the National Strategies suggests that few have robust systems in place for managing the flow of data from periodic teacher assessment and making best use of the information it can provide. In particular, too few schools are using the potential of their electronic school Management Information System (MIS) to support this.

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