AfL in science – Unit 1: Lesson scaffolding: structuring learning to develop Quality First teaching in science


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Publication overview

This is the first of four units looking at Assessment for Learning (AfL) practice in science. Unit 1 looks at how to support structured learning through the use of learning objectives, learning outcomes and success criteria. There is a progression grid to support self-evaluation of current practice and suggested activities to help move practice on.

The unit contains:

  • reference to the AfL quality standards
  • purpose of the materials
  • key messages
  • an opportunity to consider current practice of teachers and actions of pupils through using the progression table
  • suggested activities to move practice on from each step to the next
  • documents to support identified activities.

This publication builds on the whole-school AfL materials and the Assessment for Learning 8 schools project. It also gives guidance on how developments in these areas can support effective implementation of Assessing Pupils' Progress (APP) in science.

Who’s it for?

Secondary school teachers.