• Intentions

    What specific curriculum area, subject or aspect did you intend to have impact on?

    • Physical Education and Sport

    How did you intend to impact on pupil learning?


    • Through training of staff and supporting them with delivery of lessons.
    • Ensuring all learners had a clear view of what they need to do and are able to set smart targets for improvements.

    What were your success criteria?


    • Pupils being challenged, being engaged in the learning process, having more dialogue and who understand strengths and know what they need to do to make improvements.


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    What information or data did you use to measure progress towards your success criteria?

    • Observation outcomes
  • Teaching approaches

    What did you do? What teaching approaches (pedagogy) did you use to achieve the intended impact?

    • Assessment for Learning (AfL)
    • Collaborative group work
    • Cross-curricular work
    • Peer coaching
    • Self assessment and peer assessment
    • Use of pupil talk for whole-class teaching

    Describe the teaching approaches you used

    • Objective-led teaching
    • Active engagement
    • Effective questioning


    AFL PE day 1 phase 2 presentation (PPT-994 KB) Attachments
    AFL PE day 2 phase 1 presentation (PPT-3.0 MB) Attachments
  • CPD approaches

    What did you do? What approaches to CPD and learning for adults were used?

    • Coaching
    • Demonstration
    • Lesson observation
    • Modelling

    Describe the CPD approaches you used

    • Teacher training, given 2 training days of support and 2.5 days in their school
    • 8th November (1st day training) PHASE 1 Initial AfL training, looking at process and impact
    • Nov- March Support with putting it into lessons
    • 12th March (2nd day training) Coaching and mentoring AfL in all areas of the curriculum
    • 16th April (1st day training) PHASE 2 Initial AfL training, looking at process and impact
    • June (3rd day training phase 1 & 2nd day of training for phase 2) Next steps in AfL (for example use of ICT)
    • 6th July County PE Conference.


    Coaching AfL Blank (DOC-40 KB) Attachments
    Day 1 Phase 2 agenda (DOC-1.1 MB) Attachments
    Day 2 Phase 1 agenda (DOC-1.1 MB) Attachments
    Plan for AfL in Secondary Schools Cornwall (DOC-34 KB) Attachments

    What CPD materials, research or expertise have you drawn on?

    We used Advanced Skills Teacher to deliver training, as well as Secondary National Strategy AfL consultants and PE adviser.

    Who provided you with support?

    • External agency

    How were you supported?

    Secondary strategy and advisory team in Cornwall.