Devon Inclusion Award (Autism Spectrum) and IDP training at Ratcliffe Special School

School or setting

Authored by:
Bryan Webster
Type of school:
Local Authority:
South West
Free school meals:
35 - 50%
ISP aspect:
Learning and teaching


Year groups:
Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12
Specific group:
Special Educational Needs
Below age-related expectation
Whole school:
People involved:
Support staff, LA adviser, Middle leader, Senior leader, Senior leadership team (SLT), Subject leader, Teacher
Number of classes:
whole school
Number of adult learners:

What were your reasons for doing this type of development work?

Invited to join a pilot of Devon's Inclusion Award - Autism Spectrum. The Award was achieved through following a pilot programme organised by Devon County Autism (CAT) and Special Needs (SEN) Teams. A breakdown of the structure of the award and related documents are conatined as attachments and the criteria for securing the Award at the three different levels are also shown in an attachment.

Supporting pupils with Autism had been identified by the school as a focus in this year's school development plan.

Support given by the CAT and SEN advisers in identifying areas for development, using the IDP AS (Inclusion Development Programme, Autism Spectrum) and developing an action plan.


Who might find this case study useful?

  • Support staff
  • Headteacher
  • Middle leader
  • National Strategies consultant
  • Senior leadership team (SLT)
  • SIP (School Improvement Partner)
  • Subject leader
  • Teacher

Key points

Point 1

Developing inclusive whole-school practice to support pupils on the Autism Spectrum

Point 2

Delivering the IDP (Inclusion Development Programme) in a primary/secondary/special school

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  • What

    The intention was to provide for pupils with autism, increasing staff's understanding of autism and their confidence in supporting autistic pupils. Approaches included using the Inclusion Development Programme (IDP) and training days.

  • Impact

    It was found that many of the pupils with Autism appeared more settled. Teachers were more aware of challenges and possible solutions within their teaching areas. The school was awarded the 'Enhanced' level of the Devon inclusion award.

  • Summary

    The crucial thing that made a difference was the school had a clear focus for development work on inclusion for pupils with Autism.