Walk through the streets of London with Charles Dickens

Task 3

This evidence of a pupil's work in writing and the teacher's assessment exemplifies the level judgement of a pupil working at secure level 5 in Year 7.



Assessment commentary

The uncertainties in the choice of content, such as the matter of dates and the presence of cars at that time, reflect an insecurity in the management of the whole response in terms of determining an appropriate choice of form and style and the structuring and organising of material at paragraph level. While aspects of the account are not without interest, it has a conversation-led shape overall that seems to lack direction and purpose. The strengths in this response lie in the description and use of imaginative detail (AF1) and in the overall control of a variety of sentence forms (AF5) and punctuation (AF6). In these areas, some of the level 5 criteria are fulfilled as is also the case for AFs 7 and 8, where there are examples of a varied vocabulary with words chosen for effect and much evidence of correct spelling.