What is the crucial thing that made the difference?

  • The Specialist Teachers – they are the driving force of the programme. Their expertise, commitment and enthusiasm for learning have been inspirational.
  • The commitment of headteachers to the programme, ensuring that staff are released to access support and are given the opportunity to share learning and good practice with colleagues to impact across the school. 
  • The attitude of Year 3 and Year 4 teachers to trial new approaches and materials to develop practice.

What key resources would people who want to learn from your experience need access to?

ECaW materials and website – DfE

Improving Practice and Progression through Lesson Study NS ref num: 00508-2008

What CPD session and resources were particularly useful?

If another individual or school was attempting to replicate this work, where would they start and what would the essential elements be?

  1. Invest time and energy in recruiting quality Specialist Teachers who have excellent practice but also have good communication skills.
  2. Choose partnership schools wisely, using LA knowledge of the school’s capacity to engage fully in the programme 
  3. Contact headteachers personally to ensure the key aims and core elements of the programme are explicit from the outset 
  4. Prepare a detailed Action Plan with timelines, accountability and monitor and evaluate progress constantly. 
  5. Arrange regular contact meetings with Specialist Teachers to establish relationships early and to create a team environment of risk taking and trust 
  6. Create Specialist Teacher working buddies and a link consultant for support 
  7. Ensure Specialist Teachers become familiar with the quality resources available in the programme but recognise that it can’t all be done at once – their professional judgement on the needs of individual teachers is crucial.

What further developments are you planning to do (or would you like to see others do)?

Kent is now moving forward into its second year of Every Child a Writer. New Specialist Teachers have been recruited to join our existing colleagues and a new cohort of partnership schools are in place making a total of 57 schools in the programme.

Our first cohort of teachers and schools will be sharing their learning and what’s worked well in the pilot year of the programme with new colleagues. Existing schools will be embedding good practice and moving it from Year 3 and 4 into the whole school, with the support of Specialist Teachers.

Specialist Teachers from cohort one will be developing their coaching and mentoring skills to support new Specialist Teacher colleagues, shadowing their school visits and facilitating quality assurance.

Kent will continue to enhance good practice.