What is the crucial thing that made the difference?

  • The enthusiasm and commitment of the teachers to engage with the project.
  •  The use of APP to ensure accurate teacher assessment, identify pupils’ strengths and gaps in learning and set and track more appropriate writing targets
  • Regular opportunities for the teachers to collaboratively plan and review approaches using 'learning conversations'.
  • The support of the Head Teachers.

What key resources would people who want to learn from your experience need access to?

  • The 'Support for Writing' materials
  • The 'Talk for Writing' materials 
  • APP for writing grids
  • Grammar for Writing publication
  • The National Strategies Writer grids

What CPD session and resources were particularly useful?

As a starting point the APP grids should be used to identify pupil strengths and gaps in learning.

Then the writer grids are very useful in helping the teacher to identify the next steps in learning, particularly for text structure and cohesion.

If another individual or school was attempting to replicate this work, where would they start and what would the essential elements be?

  • Use of APP grids to identify pupil strengths and gaps in learning.
  • Personalisation of teaching sequences - smarter planning, linked to specific gaps in learning.
  • Use of guided writing to target specific areas, for example text cohesion and structure.
  • Use of quality resources including texts.

What further developments are you planning to do (or would you like to see others do)?

To continue to roll out the principles and practices of ECaW, ensuring that guided writing continues to take place regularly for different groups of children based on their individual strengths and gaps in learning.