In this unit, 'DIY writing', pupils work towards gaining a 'DIY Master Writer' certificate. The focus is on developing a ‘toolkit’ of writing strategies and applying the right skills to each job.

The first six lessons address the needs of audience and purpose, and the skills of linking sentences and paragraphs. The next four lessons give pupils the opportunity to use the toolkit to produce independent texts for which they receive a DIY Master Writer certificate.

The regular opportunities for self- and peer assessment give pupils the opportunity to internalise and independently apply the skills they have learned.

Relevant to

  • Functional English level 1, Writing L1.3 Write documents to communicate information, ideas and opinions using formats and styles suitable for their audience and purpose
  • Writing assessment focuses AF1, AF2, AF3, AF4
Framework strands Unit objectives Possible pupil targets
8.1 Developing viewpoint, voice and ideas Develop their own viewpoint, drawing on evidence, opinions and the particular purpose of the task and their understanding of what a personal viewpoint is in non-fiction texts.  
8.5 Structuring, organising and presenting texts in a variety of forms on paper and on screen
  • Make ideas and purpose clear by appropriate use of paragraphs and by choosing from a range of linking words and phrases.
  • Shape the overall organisation, sequence and presentation of a text to convey ideas clearly and effectively.
  • Plan and organise my writing so that my reader will be able to follow it easily from beginning to end.
  • Begin to use paragraphs/sections to organise my writing using topic sentences to help my reader make sense of the text.