Constructing sentences

In this unit, 'My character', pupils compose their own personal web page and invent and describe a character for a comic book or an animated film or TV series. In doing so they build their sentence writing skills.

There are many opportunities planned into the lessons – particularly in plenary sessions – for pupils to learn through talk and to practise their speaking and listening skills.


There are many useful tools on the web for creating your own web page, but there are also risks associated with the use of these sites, and your school may not allow access to them. The purpose of this unit is not to encourage pupils to set up their own personal web pages, but to build their writing skills. It is essential that you warn pupils that if they do set up a web page they should set it up so that they control who has access.

Relevant to

  • Functional English Level 1 Writing L1.3 Write documents to communicate information, ideas and opinions using formats and styles suitable for their audience and purpose
  • Writing assessment focuses AF1, AF2, AF5
Framework strands Unit objectives Possible pupil targets
7.2 Using and adapting the conventions and forms of texts on paper and on screen Draw on the conventions of written forms to plan writing and develop ideas to fit a specific task. Plan and organise my writing so that my reader will be able to follow it easily from beginning to end.
8.2 Varying sentences and punctuation for clarity and effect
  • Use punctuation accurately to clarify meaning and create effects in clauses, sentences and when writing speech.
  • Vary sentence length and structure in order to provide appropriate detail, make clear the relationship between ideas, and create effects according to task, purpose and reader.
  • Join my ideas in sentences using other connectives as well as and, but, then, so.
  • Add detail and interest to my sentences by the words I use.
  • Use complex sentences in my writing with a wider range of connectives.
  • Use adjectives and adverbial words and phrases to add detail, interest and variety to my writing.
  • Vary my sentences in length and structure.
  • Use commas correctly in long sentences.