Summarising Pupil W's attainment in using and applying mathematics

Reviewing the way in which Pupil W uses the mathematics from across the other attainment targets and applies it to new situations, his teacher judges that his performance is best described as low in level 4. To make further progress within level 4, he needs to engage with a wider range of problems and investigations that involve using, more independently, appropriate mathematical procedures drawn from levels 3 and 4. He needs to develop ways to represent problems, for example using practical materials, diagrams or number sentences. He needs also to record steps in his solutions or investigations so that he can reflect on and check his approach as well as his accuracy. He needs to record his own conclusions to communicate to others or for himself at another time. He should try out his own ideas, perhaps by raising and following up his own questions or by suggesting an extension to a problem or investigation set for his group.