Impact on

  • Pupil learning

    What has been the overall impact on pupil learning?

    My lesson observations have shown classrooms to be very communication friendly, and staff to be aware of the pupil’s needs whatever level of severity. Children with communication needs are fully engaged in classroom activities with good levels of independence.

    Thoughts you think are relevant to overall impact on learning

    The school has always had a “can do” approach and commitment to continuing professional development with particular reference to children’s additional needs

    The tradition of including children on the roll of the language resource base into mainstream classes, and the teacher responsibility for SEN in the classroom (including planning, writing and reviewing IEPs and provision) has been established for over a decade at the school.

    Quotes you think are relevant to overall impact on learning

    Teaching Assistant comments on post-evaluation forms:

    The DVD was good, especially the sound bites from individuals who live with autism. I feel my confidence with autism has increased, although this is in terms of knowledge rather than practical experience, which will happen when I am supporting a child with autism in the future.

    The school and staff share information between themselves to improve all parts of their school life.

    The extra in-house training has given me more confidence in my knowledge of autistic spectrum issues

    Parental contribution on Annual Review form for ASD pupil (June 2010):

    As with last year, Mrs C was very pleased with M’s current placement and was pleased with how quickly he had adapted to the changes and events in the year. She said that, …he is so much more confident now – and I can’t thank you enough.

    Quantitative evidence of impact on pupil learning

    • Periodic teacher assessment

    Qualitative evidence of impact on pupil learning

    • Observation outcomes

    Describe the evidence of impact on pupil learning

    See below for evidence for a sample pupil. Pupil X is recently diagnosed with co-occurring autism spectrum and Speech & Language Disorder. The Easter 2010 IEP clearly shows the progress achieved in the targeted areas in less than a year, in the time of the IDP training. Also included are the assessments over time for the same child, including this year’s NC test results.

    Parental comments provide evidence of the impact on their child's progress (below)


  • Teaching

    What has been the impact on teaching?

    The post training data for Teachers and TAs shows that confidence levels are high (see below)

    Evidence of greater independence of staff (both teachers and TAs) in creating resources and a classroom environment which make teaching and learning more accessible to children on the autism spectrum and with communication difficulties. There is observable evidence of continued creativity in overcoming barriers for children with social communication difficulties, in terms of tailor-made resources, visual aids, teaching and learning approaches - which used to be suggested by myself, but are now coming from the teachers and TAs themselves. This seems to indicate greater understanding and confidence on the on the part of non-specialist teaching staff.


    Quotes you think are relevant to the impact on teaching

    In training discussions it was apparent the staff developed greater empathy with the needs and difficulties of pupils on the autism spectrum, particularly through the personal and parental videos.  This was particularly the case for unit 5 (the sensory aspects of ASD) and there was increased empathy with these issues.

    Evidence of impact on teaching

    • Evidence from observation and monitoring
    • Teacher perceptions

    Describe the evidence of impact on teaching

    Teachers' evaluations of confidence (above) Observations (below)


  • School organisation and leadership

    What has been the impact on school organisation and leadership?

    It has reinforced the continuing commitment to ensuring that the school maintains its high standards of inclusion, and will always form a priority for induction of new staff.

    The IDP Autism Spectrum DVD will itself form a crucial part of the induction package for new staff.

    Thoughts you think are relevant to overall impact on school organisation and leadership

    The school’s head teacher has a been a full participant in the Autism Spectrum training and leads the school in a pro-active way developing inclusion in all aspects of school life.

    Evidence of impact on school organisation and leadership

    School Improvement Plan

    Induction checklist for new staff