The National Strategies website, NS Online (NSO), will close on Tuesday 28 June 2011.

The website has been archived by the National Archives. While much of the content is currently available, some is inaccessible due to technical reasons. This issue is being investigated.

We have also repurposed and updated some of the National Strategies key materials during 2010-11. This content, together with newly developed materials in the final year of the National Strategies contract, is in the process of being archived to the National Archives. We hope this process is completed by the end of August 2011.

Some functionality and features previously available on the National Strategies website will not be available in the National Archives:

  • Users accessing content will need to navigate via the website’s menu structure rather than using website search.
  • The technical architecture of the National Archives means that users will no longer be able to access the interactive Learning Objectives functionality in the Primary and Secondary Frameworks.
  • Ability to log on or to access the personalised functions will not be available.
  • e-learning courses have been modified into download executables suitable for running locally, provided you have access to a SCORM player (Sharable Content Object Resource Model).

The National Strategies website with its rich content and community functions was developed as part of the National Strategies contract. With the end of that contract on 31 March 2011 the Department for Education is unable to maintain the level of technical and educational resources required to support its live operation beyond that time.