Improving pedagogy

This resource provides secondary ICT subject leaders with a series of short modules that can be used to improve the quality of teaching and learning within their departments.

Each module is designed to last for no more than 40 minutes and uses one intensive activity to focus on an area for improvement. While they can be undertaken in any order, they form a stronger suite if used in the suggested sequence below.

  1. Strengthening lesson plans
  2. Planning for independence
  3. Strengthening oral feedback
  4. Strengthening written feedback

Before the session

Consider how you will structure a session, depending on the size of the group, participants' experiences and knowledge and how much time you have available. It may be better to focus on one or two aspects and work together if the group is small.

Work out what you want the follow-up to be. For example:

  • evaluate current expertise in the department and plan a coaching programme to support teachers and other staff
  • pair teachers to work together to develop more effective feedback to pupils
  • carry out similar activities using pupil work from your own school.

During the session

Depending on the experience of your audience you may find it useful to:

  • model aspects of the activity first
  • structure the activity into smaller chunks to allow discussion of each element before moving on
  • intervene when necessary to model, coach and support participants who may find this difficult.
  • Strengthening lesson plans

    Deepen understanding of the relationship between learning objectives, outcomes and success criteria and how these are crucial to ensure pupil progress.

  • Planning for independence

    Develop greater pupil independence by considering the notions of complexity, familiarity and technical demand in schemes of work.

  • Strengthening oral feedback

    Focus on effective oral feedback to enable pupils to retain their confidence, unlock their potential and enable them to overcome difficulties to succeed.

  • Strengthening written feedback

    Focus on effective written feedback as a crucial element that enables all pupils to make progress.