Sustaining impact

Once you have identified underachieving children, carried out actions and changed practice, it is helpful to consider whether the changes and actions implemented have made a difference and to think about how the impact can be sustained. Find out why monitoring and evaluation is important and what you can do to sustain impact.

Why is monitoring and evaluation important?

Careful, ongoing monitoring and evaluation will:

  • show whether actions are having sustained impact and children are making the expected progress
  • help you decide which actions to continue with, adapt, replace or strengthen
  • help to make adjustments to target groups and to undertake a review of the mathematics being taught.

What does sustaining impact involve?

Sustaining impact on narrowing gaps in the learning of mathematics will involve:

  • analysis and use of day-to-day, periodic and transitional assessment
  • close tracking of the progress made by focus groups of children
  • revising and setting of new targets as appropriate
  • maintaining a focus on children’s progress in overcoming gaps and making sure that new gaps are not emerging
  • maintaining appropriate challenges for all children
  • identifying the strategies and actions or approaches that are making a difference to children’s learning and building on those
  • identifying the strategies that are not making a difference and deciding what needs doing differently.