Overall assessment judgement

Pupil F has shown a range of achievements across all the assessment focuses at level 5. Overall he is working at a high level 5.

AF1: Thinking scientifically

Pupil F has used models and abstract ideas to describe scientific processes in a number of steps such as in his work on the Solar System or particles. He has identified scientific evidence from his own experiments and others that support or refute ideas or arguments.

AF2: Understanding the applications and implications of science

Pupil F has described different viewpoints about scientific developments. He has identified moral and ethical issues surrounding specific scientific ideas, technologies and discoveries such as whether to immunise or not, or how to protect the environment from climate change. He has made some links between the applications of science and their underpinning scientific ideas.

AF3: Communicating and collaborating in science

Pupil F has used subject-specific vocabulary where appropriate and selected appropriate formats for the presentation of his work such as posters, written work or interviews. He has collaborated effectively with others during discussions, practicals and investigations.

AF4: Using investigative approaches

Pupil F has identified key variables in scientific investigations and has developed and tested ideas with confidence, such as lampshade designs. He has chosen appropriate equipment, such as digital light sensors and temperature probes, and appropriate ranges and intervals for observations. He has made and acted on suggestions to control obvious risks.

AF5: Working critically with evidence

Pupil F has drawn valid conclusions from quantitative data, including those that utilised more than one piece of supporting evidence. He has explained his ideas showing some scientific understanding when prompted. He has made practical suggestions for improving his working methods.