Clean water or vaccination?

Assessment focus: AF2, AF4


As part of a role-play exercise, pupils were given the task of heading up a charity. The charity had to decide whether to provide a developing world village with a drinking water source or a two-year vaccination programme. It could not afford to do both.

Pupil's work

Handwritten note of a pupil on clean water

Clean waterIf we choose clean water over vaccination the people would have no chance of getting a disease from the water they drink and they would have clean water for life. Everyone knows that without water  you can dehydrate after a few weeks and also you can get diseases from water like mosquitoes drink from dirty water spreading their disease to humans drink the same water. On the other hand clean water may not be necessary because the disease may not be in the water but in the air also the water may be decent and not be bad, and there might be a disease in the food. I've got some questions I would like to ask that will definitely need answering to determine whether or not we would choose the water:How much water will there be? Because if there's only a few months supply then it won't be needed it would need about a life times supply for a whole village.Would there be provided with something to carry the water in?Would the clean water tank be situated close to the village or in the village? Because the villagers don't want to be travelling outside the village to get these clean water.Is the water they have currently got now infected? Because depending on whether or not they water is infected will depend on

Handwritten note of a pupil on clean water

Whether we choose the infection or the clean water.Can you get water whenever you want?VaccinationVaccination is probably what I would choose because it normally has a cure for most diseases and can last a long time. The only problem is which disease does it cure and the disease it cures going around the village and how long does this vaccination last for? Also the vaccination if it cures the disease could add years to the people who live in the village. What's the point in getting clean water if there is nothing wrong with the water now and its not the thing spreading diseases. There is also some questions that need to be answered:-Is the vaccination going to definitely cure the disease?How long does the vaccination last for?What disease is the vaccination for?I would choose the vaccination but only if it lasts over 2 years, because vaccination can cure most diseases and will help people survive longer and stay healthy.