Term 3: Unit 2

You can plan your half-termly spelling programme around this teaching focus using the support and teacher notes provided.

Support provided

This half-term unit follows the Support for Spelling teaching sequence. This unit includes:

  • activities and approaches to use during whole-class sessions
  • extension activities for children who require extra work
  • practice examples of words for children to focus on.

Teaching focus

The focus of this unit is to identify word roots, derivations and spelling patterns as a support for spelling. Examples include sign, signature, and signal.

This unit encourages the children to look closely at word structure, word families and word histories to extend their vocabulary and develop spelling skills.

Teacher notes

Meaning is sometimes a better predictor of spelling than pronunciation. For example, please, pleasure, south, and southern.

Some children are fascinated to learn where words came from and it’s important that they are encouraged to use etymological dictionaries and thesauruses for support.