Overall assessment judgement

This collection of pieces shows Pupil E is fulfilling the criteria for level 6 consistently across a range of different text types. There are elements of ambition and individuality in her writing which are often, though not always, successful, and she is beginning to fulfil the criteria for level 7 in some aspects, especially at whole-text level. There are still minor errors and awkward features in her work at times and she needs to edit and proofread her work carefully to move securely into the next level.

Pupil E has been awarded level 6 for all assessment focuses, which more than meets the minimum requirements for the level (four judgements across AFs 1–6 at the level).

She has securely met the criteria across the assessment focuses for level 6 and her work shows some evidence of attainment in level 7. There is a good range of evidence in this collection, including short, focused pieces and more extended writing, a variety of genres and work linked to texts and to other curriculum areas. Overall, therefore, she is awarded a high level 6.