Speech – ‘Animal testing’

Assessment focuses: AF1–8


Pupils were asked to write a speech, choosing one topic from a selection of controversial issues. Pupil G chose animal testing and carried out some research on the internet as well as surveying people's views. Having collected information and ideas, Pupil G wrote his material into a speech or talk to be given on the radio.

Pupil's work

An essay on Animal Testing by a pupil

Assessment of a pupil writing an essay on his understaning of Animal Testing. He talks about animal tesing and how many animals are been used for this purpose. The motive seems to be OK if the purpose of testing involes curing diseases but if it is used for the purpose of beauty product then it is a bad thing to do. A survey on 53 people also depicted the same view as 32 people said it is a bad thing.   Today I am talking about animal testing. Did you know that there is estimated to be 50-100 million vertebrate animals used for animal testing. Although much large number of invertebrate animals are used        many to be exact.The experiments are carried out for the trial of new medications and treatments for humans. Beauty products are also tested on animals but max people do not agree with this as they arn't nesseccity of life. Paragraph1 I think that animal testing can be a good thing if people are testing for cures for diseases such as, cancer and aids, where as if the test are on shampoos and makeup then I don't agree with it. Medical cures are needed but things like shampoos and other beauty products are not needed. So I don't think that they should keep testing then. All companies should use the same recipe that they know is OKto use on humans and they should all stick to it. That way there is a bit less animal testing going in this world. Paragraph2 So where do you stand on animal testing we did a survey on 53 people in Blackpool. IS A.T. a good thing or a bad thing? Here is what we got. 32 people said it was a bad thing and 18 people said it was a good thing . Most of the people who thought it was bad also said, I think its

One of the pages of an essay on animal testing

Assessment of a pupil displaying his understanding on animal testing through an essay. This is one of the pages of the essay on animal testing, explaning the ill effects of animal testing as of how some species are becoming extinct. bad because its cruel and inhuman. We shouln't test on animals as some species are becoming extinct. Plus the anatomy of some of some of the animals are completely different to that of a humans. So the majority of the public think that its bad. I think that its bad what do you think. Put your views on our website at www.radioviewer .96.5/animal testing. Thank you for tuning in to listen to me. Good Bye. V VOCABLARY C CONNECTIVES O OPENINGS P PUNCTUATION