Overall assessment judgement

Pupil H shows evidence of development across this collection. In the earlier pieces, he is clearly fulfilling the criteria for level 4, with some elements of level 5. In the later pieces, he is beginning to demonstrate characteristics of level 5 more securely, although there are still aspects of his work more appropriately described by the level 4 criteria. With four judgements at level 5 out of AFs 1–6, Pupil H meets the minimum requirements to be awarded level 5 overall; he has also gained level 5 for AF7 and AF8.

There is a good range of evidence in terms of genre, including explanation, persuasive writing and narrative. However, Pupil H has been awarded level 4 for AF6 and AF4, and not all the criteria for level 5 have been met for the other assessment focuses. Overall, therefore, low level 5 is the most appropriate sublevel for this collection.