Advertisement feature – ‘Pluto Ski’

Assessment focuses: AF1–8


As part of a media unit pupils explored features of advertisements, looking in particular at how persuasive language can be used to manipulate the reader. Pupils then wrote an advertisement feature deliberately promoting a product or service that might have limited appeal. Pupil B wrote about an artificially created resort for winter sports on Pluto and presented his advertisement to the class.

Pupil's work

Illustration of a pupil's skill to use persuasive language in advertisements

Pluto Ski'The ultimate resort for the ultimate sport' Galactica magazineEver fancied going to a ski resort with a difference? Think Canada just isn't special enough? Then why not try Pluto Ski, the ultimate ski resort.What to doThere are so many things to do on Pluto Ski. Why not have a look at the local wild life — space ameba and the very rare Plutocrust mite which can be looked at through a microscope. Or let your cares float away in the totally enclosed gravity free relaxation chamber, better than a spa any day. Or try our fantastic ski and snow boarding runs. We have courses for all ages and skill levels, with fully trained instructors. The finest snow has been transported half way across the galaxy for your enjoyment, no expense is spared to make this the best resort ever. Combination space / ski suits are available for purchase in the resort. Where to stay Stay in one of our luxury space hotels and sample our astronaut experience menu, chicken curry in a bag followed by dried chocolate mousse. Different diets are catered for from vegan to vegetarian and fresh food is delivered monthly. Each room or "pod" in our hotel is fully furnished with anti gravity straps to ensure you get a good night sleep.Way to go Virgin offers bargan flights to Pluto — only £900,999.99p per person. Quote this reference when booking. VSPx13JQ Warning: Pluto Ski takes no responsibility for personal injuries. This is holiday is not suitable for those with medical conditions or a nervous dispositions, you are strongly advised to have plenty of insurance. In the event of conditions being unsuitable. Pluto ski activities can be canceled at any time. Water is in limited supply on Pluto so showers are not available.