Assessment summary


Pupil A has consistently used a range of devices, such as embedded phrases and repetition, to convey information succinctly and to give clarity to explanations. Many of his sentences have individual merit and, significantly, the sentence types across this collection are unfailingly matched to purpose and controlled for effect and impact. His work shows frequent evidence that meets all the demands of the level 7 criteria. In the descriptive writing and the Romeo and Juliet review, his sentence forms are so precisely and imaginatively constructed and manipulated that he almost meets the level 8 criteria. However, he has made occasional slips in syntax and punctuation and shows limited awareness of how punctuation might enhance meaning. Overall, a best-fit judgement across these assessment criteria is level 7.


Across this collection of evidence Pupil A has organised, sequenced and paced information to accommodate the needs of the reader, with the level 7 criteria being consistently satisfied. In the descriptive writing, he has successfully structured the whole text to increase tension and build towards the dramatic climax in ways that address the level 8 criteria. Similar skill is shown in managing the final piece, but overall the best-fit judgement across these assessment criteria is level 7.


Pupil A has used paragraphing confidently to support the overall structure and development of his ideas. Paragraphs are integral to meaning and he has developed points and provided staging posts across the text to aid the reader's understanding. In individual paragraphs he has linked and clarified ideas with a range of cohesive devices, securely fulfilling the first criterion for this assessment focus. However, although in the piece of descriptive writing and film review paragraphing is well managed for purpose and effect, the structure of his paragraphs is sometimes repetitive. This implies he is not fully aware of how they might be crafted more imaginatively for rhetorical effect (the second criterion). These weaknesses have to be weighed against the strengths in the last two responses and so level 7 is a best-fit judgement for this assessment focus.


Across this collection of evidence Pupil A has consistently used ideas imaginatively to achieve purpose and effect. His work shows clear understanding and control of the appropriate conventions of writing for a range of forms and purposes, as well as a consistent awareness of the needs of the reader. He has invariably managed viewpoint well to provide a consistent perspective on the part of the writer while accommodating the interests and opinions of others. He has controlled and sustained various levels of formality, as appropriate. He has begun to address the level 8 criteria in most of the responses in this collection, and in the descriptive piece and the Romeo and Juliet review these requirements are securely fulfilled. Level 8 is awarded for these assessment focuses.


Pupil A has consistently matched vocabulary to purpose and audience, choosing words carefully and using them ambitiously and imaginatively. The work frequently fulfils the level 7 criteria and often addresses the level 8 criteria. Level 7 is awarded for this assessment focus.


Spelling is correct throughout this collection of evidence, even of ambitious and complex words. Level 8 is awarded for this assessment focus.