What is the crucial thing that made the difference?

The LA’s strategic planning provided funding and expert Consultant support and included the requirement by the LA for SLT commitment to support the development work in school.

What key resources would people who want to learn from your experience need access to?

  • Consultant time for co-ordination
  • Teacher time for network attendance and in-school dissemination and development
  • APP training Material SNS/QCA (See links on What page)
  • AfL whole school development folder. SNS

What CPD session and resources were particularly useful?

The network meetings were judged by outside Secondary National Strategy observers to be of exceptional quality – admirably prepared, very well conducted and full of enthusiastic participation by teachers who were excited by what APP could do for pupils.

If another individual or school was attempting to replicate this work, where would they start and what would the essential elements be?

Where to start:

  • Visit an LA where APP networks are flourishing, and there are many
  • Use the data to decide if there are schools in the LA/organisation that could benefit from APP, and represent a range of practice and achievement
  • Invite volunteer schools, but require SLT commitment of teacher time as a pre-requisite and a longer term commitment to supporting developments in departments
  • Identify ways of sharing and developing good practice in and beyond network meetings.

Essential elements:

  • Support from the LA in terms of Consultant time, venues and resources.
  • Access to expert input.
  • Peer support in schools through coaching and/or mentoring.
  • APP support material.
  • Time to reflect and adapt practice as part of an action research model.
  • Professional dialogue rooted in experimenting for the class / trying things out.
  • Opportunities to build on their own expertise.

What further developments are you planning to do (or would you like to see others do)?

  • Ensure that there are explicit links with the renewed Framework and revised Programmes of Study.
  • Further develop the use of the Assessment Packages to effectively support ongoing Teacher Assessment and inform Learning +Teaching.
  • Extend practice across departments/schools/LA.
  • Extend the sharing of good practice and support materials with a wider audience.
  • Extend to KS4 with a full range of probing questions and more Assessment packages such as the progression grids on the KS4 English section of the Standards website.
  • Make clear links to other developments such as Functional Skills and AfL.
  • Explore technological developments such as electronic markbooks in conjunction with mathematics colleagues.