Term 1: Unit 2

You can plan your half-termly spelling programme around this teaching focus using the support provided, and find out what prior knowledge is necessary before beginning this unit.

Support provided

This half-term unit follows the Support for Spelling teaching sequence. This unit includes:

  • activities and approaches to use during whole-class sessions
  • extension activities for children who require extra work
  • practice examples of words for children to focus on.

Teaching focus

The focus of this unit is to understand and begin to learn the conventions for adding the suffix -ed for past tense and -ing for present tense.

Prior knowledge

Before you teach the children to spell past-tense verb forms, it is important they understand about the class of words described as verbs and the meaning of past and present in relation to tense.

The children will be able to use tense changes in speech, including irregular tense changes (e.g. go – went, blow – blew). However, for the purposes of understanding the conventions related to spelling, it is important to begin with regular past and present verb tense changes using single syllable verbs.