Year 6 programme

This suggested spelling programme can help children achieve the Primary Framework learning objectives from Strand 6: Word structure and spelling. The programme is designed to provide you with ideas and materials that can be used throughout the school year.

Learning objectives

The Year 6 learning objectives are to:

  • Spell familiar words correctly and employ a range of strategies to spell difficult and unfamiliar words.
  • Use a range of strategies to edit, proofread and correct spelling in their own work, on paper and on screen.

Overview of teaching focuses: Year 2 to Year 6

Download Overview of teaching focuses: Year 2 to Year 6 (PDF-100 KB) Attachments to see how the teaching focuses are organised across each year, and what types of knowledge each focus relates to.

High-frequency words

Download the The first 100 high-frequency words (PDF-52 KB) Attachments and The next 200 most common words in order of frequency (PDF-50 KB) Attachments to find suggestions of words you could focus on during this programme.