What is the crucial thing that made the difference?

Improved rates of progression has led to the recognition across the partnership that we share a common responsibility for eventual pupil outcomes and that this is best achieved through collaborative work

What key resources would people who want to learn from your experience need access to?

APP assessment guidelines.

APP standards files.

What CPD session and resources were particularly useful?

Moderation of Year 5 work by Year 5 and 6 teachers in the Summer term was particularly useful. The Moderation comment sheet allowed the recording of the discussion, focussed on an individual child, but having the effect of improving the professional dialogue between staff. The follow up meeting in the Autumn term involved a work scrutiny and interview of the same child. The Student interview and work scrutiny template allowed the recording of relevant observations which then formed the basis of a discussion between staff.

If another individual or school was attempting to replicate this work, where would they start and what would the essential elements be?

  • Agreement on which feeder schools would take part (we are in the happy position of only having 4 feeder schools)
  • Use of APP
  • Agreement of what evidence would be used for moderation
  • Identification of a sample group of pupils
  • Involvement of the teachers whose classes these pupils have come from and will be in the following year
  • From this initial moderation session should emerge issues for further development work between the schools

What further developments are you planning to do (or would you like to see others do)?

  • Observation of guided reading in the Year 5 classroom
  • Identification of pupils whose work is difficult to assess
  • Year 5 Cross curricular day (see pupil questionnaire)
  • Moderation focus: Reading and Maths-Using and Applying
  • Promotion of similar transition projects by other school groups in Leicestershire and the sharing of best practice