Matty: Year 1 – Sample 10

Matty wrote a report about computers. This is an annotated sample of his work, demonstrating his application of independent phonic knowledge and skills in the second half of the spring term in Year 1.


Year group:
Year 1
6 years 4 months
Spring 2
Evidence of:
Phase five and six application

Application of synthetic phonic knowledge and skills

Interestingly, Matty has represented the phase six compound words ‘afternoon’ and ‘classroom’ as separate words. There are phase three long vowel phonemes, for example ‘ow’ shown in the word ‘down’ and in the word ‘allowed’ shown as ‘allowd’. Matty has also correctly applied the phase five alternative ‘ee’ grapheme ‘ea’ in the word ‘teacher’. The polysyllabic word ‘computers’ is spelt correctly.



On the computers there is lots and lots of things to do. In the afternoon we get to do even more things to do. We do this with our teacher and in our classroom. When it’s afternoon, we shut it down. We’re not allowed to go on Mario!

Child’s voice

I wrote about computers, because I like playing on them and I have one at home. There are loads of games on them.