Matty: Reception – Sample 4

Matty used an art/word processing program independently. This is an annotated sample of his work, demonstrating his application of independent phonic knowledge and skills in the second half of the spring term in Reception.

I am Matty
I wochd starerwors the clomwors.

I am Matty I wochd starerwors the clomwors.

Year group:
5 years 1 month
Spring 2
Evidence of:
Phase two application

Application of synthetic phonic knowledge and skills

Writing shows the tricky word ‘the’. Matty has represented all the sounds in each word. These are mainly phonemically plausible, for example ‘woched’ for ‘watched’ and ‘wors’ for ‘wars’.


I am Matty. I watched Star Wars the Clone Wars.

Child’s voice

I watched it at the cinema.