Tehniyat: Reception – Sample 1

Tehniyat wrote independently in the writing area. This is an annotated sample of her work, demonstrating her application of independent phonic knowledge and skills in the first half of the autumn term in Reception.

Pupil's handwritten work from independent writing.

Six rows and nine columns of marks, which resemble the letters 'H' and 'O'. One line appears to be written in green pencil.tOJHiJOIOHKt ROHOJJISW IHOHOJJHOM CLHOHIHHO HHHOHOHH HOHOHO

Year group:
4 years 2 months
Autumn 1
Evidence of:
Phase one application

Application of synthetic phonic knowledge and skills

Tehniyat has just started to work on phase two. She is beginning to use some of her knowledge of letter shapes.


Tehniyat is mark-making.

Child’s voice

Child made no comment.