QCDA is closing as part of the Government's education reforms. We're updating our website to reflect our reducing remit until the site closes in autumn 2011. You can find removed content in the National Archives web archive.

Customer service standards

We aim to:

  • provide a courteous and accurate response to all enquiries, including those requiring specific expertise
  • provide a courteous and helpful reception service at QCDA
  • reply to correspondence, including faxes and emails, within seven working days
  • despatch publications within five working days of receipt of the correct order
  • despatch new publications to subscribers within five working days of publication
  • make new publications available within 15 working days of publication
  • investigate and respond to complaints within ten working days and, when a customer requests, investigate a complaint further
  • provide appropriate information about QCDA and its work at exhibitions and conferences
  • respond to direct requests for organised visits from overseas officials and educationalists within seven working days
  • provide services that are relevant to the requirements of all our customers, including those with specific needs, for example, publications in alternative formats.

Last modified: 26 Apr 2010