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Marking optional level 6 tests

The optional level 6 tests will not be externally marked so schools will need to make their own marking arrangements. In order for the test outcomes to be a valid measure of pupil attainment, it is particularly important that they are marked strictly according to the guidance given in the mark schemes. Otherwise, the information derived from the tests cannot be used reliably.

Mark schemes (including general marking guidance) are available to download along with the tests from the NCA tools website. The mark schemes give all the information needed to mark the tests and provide the level thresholds for each subject.

Mark scheme amendments for modified large print and Braille tests will be provided with the modified versions of the tests.

Schools can decide how to use the results and how these might provide additional evidence to inform teacher assessment levels.

Test results will not be collected or published.

Last modified: 26 Apr 2011

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