QCDA is closing as part of the Government's education reforms. We're updating our website to reflect our reducing remit until the site closes in autumn 2011. You can find removed content in the National Archives web archive.

Information for local authorities

Here you can find a wide range of information and resources for local authorities involved in the national curriculum assessments.

National curriculum tests resource pack

We've put together a resources pack for local authorities involved in the national curriculum tests. 

NCA tools for local authority users

See our NCA tools info page.

Key stage 1 moderation annual report 2009/10 and moderation planning form for 2011

The Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency's (QCDA) annual monitoring report for 2009/10 on key stage 1 assessment is now available.

The report indicates how local authorities have carried out their moderation activities, identifies examples of effective practice and highlights a number of issues with recommendations for local authorities.

Guidance for completing the planning form is included in the 2011 early years foundation stage (EYFS) and key stage 1 Assessment and reporting arrangements (ARA).

Completed forms should be returned by email to the QCDA key stage 1 team at ks1team@qcda.gov.uk by Friday 26 November 2010.

Contact details 

If you wish to get in touch with QCDA, you can contact your local authority support manager.

Last modified: 18 Mar 2011