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EYFS profile videos

Here is a range of videos illustrating the EYFS profile assessment scales and scale points.

These short videos show children behaving in a variety of situations directly relevant to assessment scales and scale points.

Each clip has an introductory page giving an overview of its content. You can choose to view clips with or without a transcript, voiceover commentary, or list of the scales and scale points that can be observed in that clip.

The clips are available in several downloadable formats. If you have trouble accessing them, email the web team at webprojects@qcda.gov.uk.

Video descriptions

If you're interested in material relevant to a particular assessment scale or scale point, please download the scale point index that cross-references clips against a list of assessment scale points.

  • 1 A trap for baddies
    Join Ellis and his classmates in the school playground.
  • 2 The fire fighters
    Dwayne, Martina, Matthew and Millie fight fires and rescue classmates.
  • 3 The architect
    Inspired by a visit to the seaside, Jaimin reconstructs a pier using building blocks.
  • 4 Paige gets creative
    Follow Paige through an extremely creative morning, exploring dance and the visual arts.
  • 5 The beanstalk
    Casey, Jacob and Joshua place numbered leaves on a beanstalk.
  • 6 Building a vehicle
    Adam, Ethan and a group of enthusiastic helpers create a very special vehicle.
  • 7 The travel agents
    Callum, Eve and James plan an exciting trip to Japan, all the way to Mount Fuji.
  • 8 Big bad wolf
    Mena and friends work out strategies for catching a wolf at large.
  • 9 The pirate ship
    Patience, Joshua, Eli and their friends construct a pirate ship, sail the seas and look for treasure.
  • 10 Judging the show jumping
    A rosette inspires children (and their teacher) to create their own show jumping event.
  • 11 Floor sculpture
    Keia, Mariam and Jake use a wide range of materials to create a series of striking artworks.
  • 12 Outside
    Children explore things to do outside, running, jumping, talking, making music and finding new ways to do them.
  • 13 Checking the classroom
    Matthew takes on the important job of checking whether the classroom is tidy during clearing up time.
  • 14 Sound and vision with Aeryn
    Aeryn uses dancing and art as a vehicle for self-expression.
  • 15 Planning a space ship
    Ellis discusses the plan of his space ship with his friend Aston.
  • 16 The builder’s yard
    Sumaya, Finnegan and James source materials, buy them and work together to construct a tower.
  • 17 The number line
    Richard and Chloe and Casey work together to place numbers from 1 to 20 in their correct order along a washing line.

Last modified: 19 Apr 2010