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Priority information - the Foundation Learning Catalogue

11 January 2011


Interim arrangements for section 96 approvals of new qualifications.

The interim criteria for section 96 approvals mean most new qualifications will be approved for post-16 use but, for the most part, only new qualifications at Entry level (and not Level 1+) will be approved for use pre-16.

These interim criteria will be reconsidered once the Wolf review reports in the Spring. The status of the Foundation Learning catalogue will also be reviewed at that point; but the likely outcome is that awarding organisations will be the primary source of information about qualifications at Entry level and Level 1 (QCF and more widely) available for Foundation Learning programmes.

The December 2010 edition of the catalogue will continue to be available online but further updates are not planned.

For more information, please visit the Department for Education for up to date information about what qualifications are approved for use pre- and/or post-16 and information about the Wolf review.

To see the database of accredited qualifications at all levels, visit Ofqual's Register.

Last modified: 11 Jan 2011