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2011 key stage science sampling tests dates announced

08 October 2010


Announcement of the date of the 2011 key stage 2 science sampling tests

As in 2010, only selected schools will participate in the science sampling tests. QCDA will inform selected schools that they are required to participate in the science sampling tests by the end of February 2011. A list of all schools selected to participate in science sampling will be published after the selected schools have been notified. The science sampling tests will take place on Friday 13 May 2011. Schools must ensure that they are able to administer the science sampling tests on Friday 13 May 2011 should they be selected.

The 2011 key stage 2 Science sampling arrangements (SSA) will be made available for schools after they have been notified of their selection in the sample.

Last modified: 08 Oct 2010